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February 20, 2009

What is Tech Ed?

Podcast #3 November 17, 2008

Where all the ‘Creekers at?

Hi!  This is Cassie, Julissa, and Marissa.  We are the “Where all the ‘Creekers at?” publicity team.  We’re writing this to inform you about the third podcast Mrs.  Hrdina’s tech. ed classes have made.  We have six categories in our podcast.  Some things you’ll hear about is our advice on bullying, Stand Club, boys basketball, the opinion on passing period, politics, and what’s going on around Willowcreek.  Listen in on November 17th.  Two fingers up and we’re out!



    The Publicity team

Podcast #2 October 22, 2008

Podcast #2

Welcome to “What’s up @ the Creek?” Tech Ed blog! This is Brooke and Katlyn from the publicity team! Our second period class is making a podcast! Our class is going to talk about the following catagories…sports, neighborhood, opinion, advice, and politics. We all have worked really hard to make this an exciting, fun, and the best podcast you will ever hear! We hope you enjoy it! Remember…”What happens @ the Creek…Stays @ the Creek!”


Brooke and Katlyn

Willowcreek Launches it’s 1st Podcast!!

Podcast #1 October 3, 2008

Welcome to our blog! It is with great pride and excitement that I present my first hour 8th grade Tech Ed class’s podcast  ”What’s up @ The Creek.”  All the students that you will hear have developed, researched, wrote, edited, recorded, chose music, edited some more and then posted their own stories for our premiere. I’d like to thank them all for taking on this task as pioneers. Heather, Emily, Payton, Riley, Paige, Hilary, Lorraine, Jasmine, Cloe, Alyssa, Natalie, Brittany, Matt, Kyle and Nick, you all did a fantastic job. Without our publicity team, Hannah, Ashley, Connie and Bree, you wouldn’t be reading this at all.


Mrs. Hrdina